A minute ago (quite literally), Redfin expanded its San Francisco “Sweet Digs” blog to include “eyewitness reviews” of Bay Area listings. They’re promising candor (and perhaps some controversy).
Redfin Sweet Digs: San Francisco [Redfin]

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  1. Posted by beta

    I just read the Redfin Sweet Digs: San Franciso page. I must say that I love real estate blogs and Socket Site Rocks! Yet why do I feel slightly exasperated by each nice neat editorial prose in Sweet Digs? I thought I liked nice and neat but perhaps I crave real estate cynicism.

  2. Posted by Anonymous

    Just popped over to the redfin blog where I was surprised to see this line in one of their Berkeley reviews:
    “(It’s also one of the whitest neighborhoods in Berkeley, but that’s another story.)”
    What the hell, is that supposed to be a selling point?

  3. Posted by Sapphire

    Is this a real site? I’m from the East Coast and popped over. I was LMAO with the subtle sarcasm – is it like The Onion but applied to real estate? In any event funny.

  4. Posted by james

    has anyone on the board used redfin? i’d really like to know.

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