1232 Treat: Fireplace
The “Italianate Victorian Fixer” at 1232 Treat is not for the faint of heart (or wallet). Seriously. We’re talking about a single family house that’s been carved up into five units with two additional units over the carriage house out back (think commercial financing), two protected tenants and two vacancies, and quite a bit of deferred maintenance.
At the same time, we’re talking about an interesting pedigree (built in 1885 by John McCarthy, the masonry contractor who built the Palace Hotel and Mills Building), some beautiful original detailing, and intriguing “bones.”
UPDATE (1/16): The asking price has been reduced to $1,099,000, and as the agent notes, “[t]he property is squarely located *across* the street from Garfield Square Park.” (And a new “soccer field, children’s playground and…security cameras installed by the City.”)
∙ Listing: 1232 Treat (7 units) – $1,199,000 [1232treat.net] [Property Statement (pdf)]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Rusty

    Right across the street from the projects too.

  2. Posted by Michael Ackerman

    You may like to note the new price is $1,099,000 with another unit vacant in December for a total of three vacant units.
    And for goodness sake, let’s get it right if we’re going to gossip about a property! The property is squarely located *across* the street from Garfield Square Park. The Folsom/Chavez housing is bordered by 26th, Folsom, Chavez and Harrison. Obviously Rusty never even visited the property first hand to notice the new soccer field, children’s playground and the security cameras installed by the City…

  3. Posted by bext

    It’s baaaaaaaaaack

  4. Posted by lol

    Still for sale. Lowered to 1.049M, a mere 50K reduction in 3 years, lol!

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