A friendly reminder that property taxes are due by December 11th this year (normally the 10th, but extended as the 10th falls on a weekend). And as Cece Blase points out in the “Buzz“, extreme procrastinators can pay online (“payments received by 11:59pm on December 11, 2006 will be considered on time”). Convenience fees apply.
Keep in mind that you can also use the SFGov site to check the assessed value and special assessments for any property in San Francisco.
San Francisco: Property Tax Information & Payment [SFGov]
Cece Blase: SF Real Estate Buzz [ceceblase.com]

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  1. Posted by Dave

    Unless I’m mistaken, property tax payments must just be POSTMARKED by December 10, so as long as you drop it in the mail in time to be postmarked by the 10th, you’re ok, regardless of when it’s received by the tax collector. My bill doesn’t say anything about an extension to December 11th (despite the fact that the 10th is a Sunday) so I’ll play it safe and get mine sent out on Saturday the 9th.
    Yes, I’m a procrastinator!

  2. Posted by Cece Blase

    Yeah, but if you’re a super procrastinator, you can just logon and do it online up to 11:58 p.m. December 11.
    Visit the SFGov site to learn more.

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