3459 26th (Image Source: 3459twentysixth.com)
While plasma screen televisions still manage to grab people’s attention, sometimes they do so for all the wrong reasons…
∙ Listing: 3459 26th (3/2) – $1,000,000 [3459twentysixth.com]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by richie_rich

    LOL! “Motivated seller needs funds for craned neck rehabilitation…”

  2. Posted by D_INC

    Does this make it a loft?

  3. Posted by Dude

    In the case of an earthquake, aren’t you supposed to hide under a table or doorway? Good shaker could turn this thing into a guillotine.

  4. Posted by Lori

    Gimme that Noguchi table instead …

  5. Posted by hellothere

    My neck hurts from just looking at the placement of that tv… awkward!

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