1774 Beach Kitchen
We’re not really sure who was doing the voting, or if we would agree, but according to the listing for 1774 Beach, its “cooks kitchen [was] voted one of the best kitchens in the U.S. for 2005.” And while that might be a bit of a stretch, we have to admit it looks rather nice.
And of course it just begs the question: what other current listings represent “the best kitchens” in San Francisco?
1774 Beach (2/2) – $1,345,000 [Coldwell Banker via Pacific Union]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Anonymous

    Nice place, $1,000/sqft, prime location, nice kitchen.
    Frankly, i think a realtor could say whatever they want about a place. Who’s to refute ‘one of the nicest kitchens in 2005’?
    Looks like the person bought it for $1.25ish mil in Oct of last year. Lesson learned, people who make big money in real estate buy and hold. People who churn make the realtors rich.
    At any rate, if it sells for $1.345 million.. does that shatter all the ‘inventory surging data’ and ‘market is correcting’ reports?
    Another day, another $1,000/sqft property in the Marina.

  2. Posted by Henry

    I must say that I like the kitchen in 2645 Baker. I’m getting tired of seeing the usual shaker cabinets and massive range that very few people use (outside of their caterer).
    [Editor’s Note: Link to SocketSite’s recent coverage of 2645 Baker.]

  3. Posted by Anonymous

    That’s a Thermandor Grand Harmony 48″ Dual Fuel Range — it’s 10k

  4. Posted by Michael

    Okay, so I know it’s not on the market any more, but I was always impressed by the kitchens in 519 Natoma:
    Damn nice considering the one you pictured was in a unit priced at $539,000.

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