PlantSF: Shotwell Street Greenway (Before and After)
The SFHomeBlog makes a great discovery that well deserves to be passed around:

The Department of Public Works – Bureau of Urban Forestry is now accepting [applications] for sidewalk landscaping [permits]. In addition to planting trees, this permit allows property owners to convert a portion of the sidewalk in front of their property into an attractive landscaped area. It looks great, provides habitat, reduces flooding, and is good for property values!

If you’re into trees you might want to check out Friends of the Urban Forest. If not, you might want to consider some permeable landscaping (“which allows water and air to penetrate the soil”), as championed by Plant*SF (responsible for the “before/after” above). Either way, get out there and plant/landscape.
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  1. Posted by Henry

    The only problem is that trees and foliage tend to attract a lot of dog crap. If only owners (yes, they aren’t guardians) would be more responsible for their four leggers….

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