Back in April, 2415 Van Ness #606 was advertised as a “rare opportunity” but failed to sell at $549,000. We’re hoping they used the past couple of months to remodel, because it’s back on the market, it’s still being advertised as a “rare opportunity,” and it’s now $579,000.

Speaking of random pricing strategies, we’re guessing that a bidding war failed to materialize for 142 Saturn. The “Offers on 6/21” deadline has come and gone, it’s still active, and now they’ve raised the price by $251,000. As ReyEstate notes, something smells a bit funky.

And finally, we’d like to think of it as evidence of some cosmic pricing karma rather than evidence of a changing market, but either way, the list price for 321 Langton #11 (“Bait And Switch On MLS?”) has been reduced by $30,000. This time for real.

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Osho

    The realtor listing the property on Saturn is smoking something of top notch quality!

  2. Posted by Chris

    This morning, 321 Langton #11 was listed on craigslist at $599k (a $50K reduction) yet doesn’t seem to be present on the MLS, cleanoffer, or the Urban Bay properties site, although a UB agent is listed as the contact person.

  3. Posted by Chris

    Note in an earlier entry specific to 321 Langton #11 (“Promoted from Comment to Post”) that it was again reposted on craigslist back at its original $649k (after appearing at $599k). So slimey. Again, Urban Bay doesn’t seem to want to take accountability for the listing, as they don’t feature their name on the craigslist ad (nor is it on their site). But, the agent contact info. is for an Urban Bay agent. I actually viewed this unit and it’s nice (just in an unfortunate location). I can only imagine that the seller is psycho and the agent is being led by the nose. Or, the agent is psycho and the client very naive. Take your pick.

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